Capacity BuildingWe aim to advance community development in Uganda and throughout the world as a whole by supporting and developing charities and civic organisations to become more effective and efficient in their work to tackle poverty, promote social and environmental justice to disadvantaged communities.

We welcome you to join the team to be a part of this noble effort.

Health awarenessWe work to educate vulnerable groups in programs for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and improve the life and welfare of those living with HIV/AIDS.

We work in tandem with government policy that requires the use of age appropriate, culturally sensitisation information that do not contravene Ugandan norms.

outreachBeing cognizant of our rich community background, we felt the need to go back to our communities. We have gone back to the communities that need to prosper. We have gone back to the communities that require interventions that can greatly subsidise acquisition of;

  • a lunch meal for the over xxx children at school,
  • excercise books for class usage,
  • access to medical care.

AvocacyTADO supports and develops Civil Society Organisations working to tackle poverty and promote environmental justice for disadvantaged communities in Uganda nd throughout the world.

True Africa Development Organisation understands that the whole can only benefit from the collective responsibility of different stakeholders to curb on income disparities between different communities.

DevelopmentTrue Africa Development aims to establish, promote and support the development and creation of income generating projects such as poultry farming, urban farming, tailoring etc for women in disadvantaged positions in society to enhance their revenue earnings.

In so doing, the women become self reliant and are in a better position to have a multiplier effect of change in the community.